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Dgcustomerfirst.com :- Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The company has more than 17,000 stores located in 46 states of the US. Moreover, the company is well known for delivering goods including eatables, packed much, health and beauty supplies, First aids material, household items, cleaning supplies, basic apparel, seasonal items, handmade … Read more

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TalkToWendys –  is an online customer survey service officially designed by the famous Wendy’s. The main purpose of this platform is to gather customer’s opinions and demands to work over it. TalkToWendys About Wendy’s: In 1969, the first Wendy’s restaurant was opened by Dave Thomas in Columbus. David named the restaurant after his daughter’s name. … Read more

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www.fiveguys.com/survey :- Have you recently visited your favorite Five Guys fast-fast food restaurant? How do you feel about their food? Have you really enjoyed your day with them? These are some of the questions Five guys enterprises wanted to know from you and in exchange you can earn a $25 Gift card for free. www.fiveguys.com/survey Five … Read more

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SmashBurgerFeedback.com :- While it may have started just a few years ago, SmashBurger has quickly built a strong foundations of excellence with both of experience in the restaurant management and good food and drinks. As the name implies, it serves’smashed’ burgers and sandwiches cooked over an extremely hot grill. Additionally, the restaurant sells burgers and … Read more

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www.DQFanFeedback.com :- Have you ever tasted a cheesecake or had a soft-serve cone? When do you think about which brand? Dairy Queen is for the masses As well recognised as the originator of soft-serve ice cream has been, DQ has been the industry pioneer of dairy food and desserts. www.DQFanFeedback.com Stroll into every DQ, and you … Read more

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www.chilis-survey.com :- America’s one of the renowned restaurant chain Chili’s Bar & Grill has recently started their online survey sweepstakes program for their valuable customers to evaluate and enhance their service. www.chilis-survey.com If you’ve recently visited any of your favorite stores, then let them know your immediate reaction about their service. Have they treated you … Read more

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Www.littlecaesarslistens.com :- America’s number third pizza Brand little Caesars now gives you a brilliant chance to win a $15,000 cash prize per month or you can win $1,000 to $1,500 per week or even free pizzas for a year. Www.littlecaesarslistens.com Don’t go crazy! It’s true. Your favorite pizza brand Little Caesars has started their online survey … Read more

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www.myzaxbysvisit.com :- If you have recently been to any of Zaxby’s restaurants or have ordered food online, here is a great opportunity for you to get awarded with exciting rewards. Doesn’t matter whether you are satisfied or unsatisfied with your last experience, all that matters is your valuable feedback. Zaxby’s Guest satisfaction survey is an … Read more

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www.bwwlistens.com :-  To all the foodies out there, ever wondered how your favorite Buffalo Wild Wings started? Well, you will be delighted to know that in the year 1982, two friends just like normal people did something tremendous. The story began when Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery suddenly started craving for wings and there was … Read more

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www.Qdobalistens.com :- Renowned Mexican cuisine restaurant chain Qdoba has recently started their survey program Qdobalistens where customers can easily share food experience with them and can win a free Chips and Salsa for free. www.Qdobalistens.com If you’ve recently visited your favorite Qdoba then you just need to keep the purchase receipt. Then visit www.Qdobalistens.com, you’ll … Read more

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Myopinion.deltaco.com :- To all the foodies out there, here is a great opportunity for you to get a special discount on your favorite tacos. Have you recently visited any of Del Taco’s outlets or ordered food online? If yes, then here is significant scope for you to get a special discount on your next order? You … Read more

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www.feedback.truevalue.com :- True value wishes to know your review on the product and service that you received at their store so if you recently visited the true value store, give your opinion on true value’s official survey website www.feedback.truevalue.com. In addition to this, you may win a 5$ off coupon. www.feedback.truevalue.com Yes, you will get … Read more

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www.shaws.com/survey :- Have you been to Shaws recently? How was the shopping experience there? Do you find any problem in the store, share these details with the company through the survey.  Yes, Shaws is giving you chance where you can speak truthfully and honestly towards the company regarding their service and product. Shaws come up … Read more

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TalktoiHop.com – The popular restaurant chain IHOP officially introduced its online customer satisfaction survey, TalktoIHOPfor its customers. This fan-based survey helps the company to provide their best service and products. TalktoiHop.com About IHOP: International House of Pancakes is popularly known as IHOP. IHOP is a well-known fast-food restaurant chain based in the USA. In the year 1958, The House … Read more

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www.henhousefeedback.com :- Are you the person who loves sharing and caring? Well most of us love caring but Sharing is rare for some people. Only a few are comfortable with it, however, practically and emotionally it’s not a good decision. www.henhousefeedback.com So my point in telling you this is if you have been to Hen … Read more

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www.mcdvoice.com :- Instead of focusing on one particular kind of product, McDonald’s is going to provide something completely new for all in order to meet their desires and specifications. www.mcdvoice.com However, it will only extend the market and increase consumer loyalty if other aspects such as confidence, consistency, clarity, predictability, value, and speed of delivery … Read more

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www.bigy.com/survey :- What will be your reaction, to you Winning $250? Yes, there might be a chance to react to that because Big Y offers an opportunity to win $250 just by participating in their Survey program. www.bigy.com/survey Big Y is here with the “The big Y supermarket customer satisfaction survey” where you can share … Read more

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www.wendyswantstoknow.com :- Famous American fast-food brand Wendy’s is now inviting their valuable customer to say something about their food and service for their service improvement. Recently they’ve started an online survey program Wendyswantstoknow where customers can share their valuable opinion about their food, its quality, price, restaurant’s administration, staff’s attitude and rate their overall satisfaction level … Read more

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www.survey.walmart.com :- Walmart, one of the largest chains of the retail department, is all set to take a step up for the care of their customers. Yes, Walmart has recently launched a customer experience survey to modify its services. The well-known company is eager to gather its customer’s experience. Anyone can share their precious views … Read more

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www.TellSubway.com :- World’s largest fast-food chain Subways recently introduced their guest satisfaction survey Tellsubway where they are inviting their valuable customers to say something about their food & service. www.TellSubway.com If you’ve recently visited your local Subway outlet now you’ll get the chance to enjoy free cookies or cold drinks for free. At Tellsubway you … Read more

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www.mybkexperience.com :- Burger King still now believes in the fundamentals of a business growth that is Customers Satisfaction. They know that customers are the important asset of any business. For this very reason America’s second largest leading restaurant chain now started their “My Burger King Experience” online survey program. Here customers will be able to share … Read more

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www.myptvisit.smg.com :- What are your impressions of Mr. P. Terry?  traditional American fare (and fresh-cut) F Terry’s famous menu options are patties and fries, or it’s also a kind of American. In order to help them get a clearer idea of how they can enhance their level of operation, please provide input on P’s Terry’s … Read more