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Dgcustomerfirst.com :- Dollar General Corporation is an American chain of variety stores headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The company has more than 17,000 stores located in 46 states of the US. Moreover, the company is well known for delivering goods including eatables, packed much, health and beauty supplies, First aids material, household items, cleaning supplies, basic apparel, seasonal items, handmade items, gifts, and much more at everyday low prices. Going back in history, the first Dollar General store was opened in Springfield, in 1955, with a successful marketing strategy that changed the theory of marketing.



As they say, “Dollar General stands for convenience, quality brands, and low prices”, the idea back then proved this theory. There was nothing in the store that would cost more than a dollar. This quickly transformed the phase of the marketing. With great progress, the annual sales of 29 Dollar General stores were marked $ 5 million In 1957. The data also says that in the year 2000, the company progressed and established more than 6,000 stores and $ 6 billion in sales. Impressively, today it is one of the leading chains of retailers with more than 17,000 stores in 46 states. The company sells products from some of America’s most-trusted brands such as Coca-Cola, Mars, General Mills, Clorox, Energizer, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, Kimberly-Clark, Kellogg’s, Hanes, and PepsiCo.

Why Dollar General?

Dollar General stores aim to make purchases a hassle-free affair. The company has succeeded in a few years by building small, neighboring shops with carefully planned supplies to make shopping easier.

The Dollar General saves time by focusing on the simple necessities of life: laundry, toilet paper, soap, car, socks, and underwear… and perhaps a gadget or two that you can’t live without.

Dgcustomerfirst.comAbout Survey

Dollar General, a chain ofvariety store has made a valuable remark in the market, and to keep up the standard, the company is conducting a survey named DG Customer Survey. DG Customer Survey is a platform organized for customers and guests to rate their satisfaction. As most of the world works online, the company has also found a way to maintain the competition in the market and make amendments according to the needs of customers. No doubt, this survey will help to keep a regular inspection of the demands of their customers. Moreover, it is also necessary to keep the company updated about their customer’s experiences. Not only that, on successfully completing the Dollar General Customer Satisfaction Survey, participants will get a chanceto win the Dollar General Sweepstake Prize.Dollar General provides its customers various opportunities like this to participate and win throughout the year. Through their shopping, buyers get various chances to receive an invitation and to take part in a customer survey. In order to participate, there will be details highlighted on the invitation that one needs to save for entering in a survey. To move further visit DGCustomerFirst.com and start your survey and enter a chance to get a special discount. For further details, kindly read the following information regarding the survey.


A quick overview of the survey

  • DG Customer Survey is conducted by the Service Management Group to inspect the satisfaction of its customers.
  • By visiting dgcustomerfirst.com, one can submit its survey and after completing a survey, participants will get a chance to win a prize.
  • The survey aims to know the client’s approval or disapproval of the goods and services that have been sold.
  • Lucky winners will get special discounts as mentioned below.

Rules to participate in a survey

  • To be a part of the survey, the customer should have a receipt from the last visit or a survey invitation from Dollar General.
  • You need to mention a valid email address and contact information
  • The customer must have essential knowledge of either English or Spanish language. The survey asks to opt for preferred language in between these two.
  • Company employees and their families are not permitted to participate in the survey.
  • Each User is allowed to engage in a sweepstake only once every month.
  • Prizes are non-transferable.
  • Keep in mind the period of the survey. After that, you won’t be eligible for the sweepstake.
  • Keep in mind the age limit for participating is 18 and more
  • Survey Prize: Sweepstakes
  • Lucky participants will get to win a $100, General Gift Card


Steps to participate

First of all, visit the DG Customer Survey site @ www.dgcustomerfirst.com.

Choose your preferred language choices according to your comfort.

For further steps keep your receipt handy. You can’t attend a questionnaire without filling in your receipt details,

enter the time, Store number, and visiting code printed on your receipt

Press START and go ahead.

The survey takes 10n minutes or more. Kindly answer all the questions honestly.

The questions are about your visit and your purchase, staff support environment, customer management, atmosphere, cleanliness, and services.

After answering the questionnaire, you must provide your name and accurate email address to enter the sweepstake.

Dgcustomerfirst.comAbout Prizes

Well, ever thought of winning a prize just by giving honest reviews? well yes, Dollar General provides exciting gifts to the customers who participate in the survey. During every DGCustomerFirst.com survey, 10 lucky winners get an opportunity to win a $100 gift card. So buck up, and start the 10 minutes survey and enter the chance to win the prize.

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First and foremost thing, the DGCustomerFirst.com survey is completely legal. But how can we be sure of that? That is because the decision to make this website and this study was taken by the top officials of Dollar General itself. Pass on their goal and rules here to find out more.

As soon as you submit a Dgcustomerfirst.com survey, you will be immediately introduced to the drawing with a chance to win a $ 100 DG gift card!

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